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Three Ways to Ready Your Home for Winter

Posted on by Adam Thompson

Winter is upon us and with energy prices rising with every bill that lands on the doormat, it is now time to get your home winter ready! There are three main things to do in the home before the worst of the cold weather is upon us, so make sure that you can tick all of these off your list sooner rather than later.

First of all, stock up on essential supplies, filling all your food cupboards with the must-haves. This may seem a little bit ‘old-maidish’ but trying to get to the shops on roads that are as icy as a skating rink, only to find out that the shops do not have the basic foodstuffs you need because their delivery lorries have not been able to make it through from the depot can be a very frustrating experience. Milk and bread can be safely frozen to later use along with many other day-to-day essentials. Do not forget to buy some bottled water too just in case the pipes freeze, cutting off your supply.

Next, go around your home and check for draughts and cold areas. If possible, install insulation in your roof and in the walls to keep your precious and paid-for warmth firmly inside the home. It is amazing how much difference insulation can make to keeping your home cosy and snug, even when the temperature dips dramatically below zero and stays there for a week or more.

Finally,why not install a new fireplace or even a wood burning stove? Being able to sit by a cosy glowing fire is an immediate comfort and at MK Fireplaces we have a fabulous range of wood-burning fireplaces and stoves for you to choose from. If you are a little nervous about having a wood fire in your home, we also offer alternative fuel-source products, so do not hesitate to give us a ring and let us know your needs.

Don’t be in the dark and cold this winter. Plan ahead, stock up and give us a ring – with over 18 years in this business we are sure to have the perfect fire for your needs. Give us a call today and stay a step ahead of the weather this year by getting a fantastic new fire or wood burning stove in place before the colds of January and February set in!